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UK Sedgwicks - Places - Durham
Thomas Sedgwick (born circa 1841)

Thomas Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick / Elizabeth Harrison]
b. circa 26 April 1841 Durham
m. Susannah Haw 1861 (BMD)
d after 1901

In 1871 Thomas is working as a railway porter. By 1881 he is a labourer in an iron works. I can find no trace of Rosa after 1881 except that a Rosa Sedgwick married Harold William L Waller in Durham district in 1897. In 1901 Rosa gives her birthplace as Stamford, Lincolnshire - the same person?


Thomas Joseph Sedgwick

b. 6 August 1864 Norwood, Surrey
m. Mary Eliza Naylor 1889 (BMD)
d 15 March 1934

William Sedgwick

b. 1866 Norwood, Surrey
m Sarah Elizabeth Moorhouse 1890 (BMD)
d. after 1901

Clara Susan Sedgwick

b. 1867 Norwood, Surrey
m Ben Hudson 1893 (BMD)
d after 1901

John George Sedgwick

b. 1868 Norwood, Surrey
m Phoebe Righton 1896 (BMD)
d after 1901

Charlotte Elizabeth Sedgwick

b. 16 August 1870 Grantham, Lincolnshire
m Arthur Hill 1888 (BMD)
d after 1901

Charles Sedgwick

b. 1872 Grantham, Lincolnshire
m perhaps Hannah Crookes 1896
d. after 1891

Rosa Sedgwick

b. 1875 Grantham, Lincolnshire
d. after 1881

Gertrude Sedgwick

b. 1877 Sheffield, Yorkshire
d circa 1877

Louisa Sedgwick

b. 1877 Sheffield, Yorkshire
m John Barras 1900 (BMD)
d after 1891

Grace Sedgwick

b. circa 1881 Sheffield, Yorkshire
d after 1901

Source Notes:

1881 census - John Sedgwick 39 Labourer In Iron Works, Susan Sedgwick 40, Thomas J Sedgwick 16, William Sedgwick 14, Clara S Sedgwick 13, John G Sedgwick 12, Charlott E Sedgwick 10, Charles Sedgwick 8, Rosa Sedgwick 6, Louisa Sedgwick 3, Grace Sedgwick 2m (514 Brightside Lane, Brightside Bierlow - RG11 4664 69 31)

Descendants / Researchers:

James Gill <James.Gill@nationaltrust.org.uk>

James is descended from Thomas Sedgwick junior




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