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Ralph Sidgwick of Stanhope (born circa 1723)

Ralph Sidgwick [Ralph Sedgwick / Margaret Shaw]
bpt 28 August 1723 Stanhope, Durham
m Mary Scott 1756
d probably 27 May 1787

The Ralph Sidgwick who was buried in Middleton in Teesdale in 1787 was described as a miner of High Dyke. A Mary, widow aged 80, was buried in 1802 also Mary daughter of Ralph was buried in 1802. These burials and other links to Egglestone have suggested the connection of two previously unrelated groups. Is John the son of this Mary and is he the miner who had children baptised in Middleton?

Could sons Joseph and Ralph be the farmers in Egglestone in 1816? They are described as miners in many records but Thomas son of Ralph was a farmer so it seems likely.


William Sigswick

bpt 23 January 1757 Stanhope, Durham

Ann Sigswick

bpt 28 February 1759 Stanhope, Durham

Mary Sigswick

bpt 18 August 1761 Stanhope, Durham
bd 20 March 1802 Middleton in Teedale, Durham

John Sidgewick

bpt 21 April 1776 Middleton in Teesdale, Durham
m Bridget Bainbridge 1811 (BOYDS)

d. before 1841

John Segwick

bpt 26 November 1763 Stanhope, Durham

Ralph Sigswick

bpt 9 March 1766 Stanhope, Durham
m Hannah Eglestone 1785
m2 Jane Noble 1793
d probably 24 June 1823 Egglestone, Durham

Joseph Sedgewick

bpt 15 July 1769 Stanhope, Durham
m Sarah Bayles 1794
bd 1 February 1844 Egglestone, Durham

Michael Sigswicke

bpt 26 December 1772 Middleton in Teesdale, Durham
m Emma Thompson 1810 Appleton Wiske, Yorkshire
bd 5 June 1846 Egglestone, Durham

Source Notes:

1841 census - Michael Sigswick 70 Ag Lab, Emma Sigswick 60 (Sand Bed, Lynesack & Softley - HO107 307 15 8 11)




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