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Ralph Sidgwick of Pallais Stone (born circa 1625)

Ralph Sidgwick [Unknown Sidgwick]
b circa 1625
m (Helen Unknown)
m2 Ann Unknown
d 25 October 1684

Again all the children born to a Ralph are included here as there is no proof of another individual in Staindrop at this time. An Anne Sedgwick is known to be the mother of the children born from 1658.

The IGI has the eldest child Helen as being born 100 years later although this version accounts for the Eleanor wife of Toby and makes more sense. Margaret seems to be too old to marry and have a child aged 50 - could there be a younger sibling?

Thanks to Joan Mavrovic for additional info from the parish records .


Helen Sigswicke

bpt. 7 December 1643 Staindrop, Durham
m Robert Bankes 1664
m2 Toby Sidgwick 1668

John Sidgwick

bpt. 5 November 1647 Staindrop, Durham
d February 1648

Christopher Sidgwick

bpt. 16 January 1650 Staindrop, Durham

Jane Sidgwick

bpt. 7 November 1650 Staindrop, Durham

Ralph Sidgwick

bpt 26 February 1652 Staindrop, Durham
m Elizabeth Hodhon 1674
d after 1687

William Sidgwick

bpt. 9 May 1653 Staindrop, Durham

Margaret Sidgwick

bpt. 22 November 1655 Staindrop, Durham
m Elisha Annesley 1705 London

Thomas Sidgwick

bpt. 26 February 1656 Staindrop, Durham
m Anne Unknown
d after 1719

Anne Sidgwick

bpt. 15 April 1658 Staindrop, Durham
d before 1673

Gabriel Sidgwick

bpt. 13 October 1659 Staindrop, Durham
d 4 May 1669

Luke Sidgwick

bpt. 6 November 1664 Staindrop, Durham
m Ann Jackson 1706 London
d circa 1718 [will details]

Anne Sidgwick

bpt. 4 September 1673 Staindrop, Durham
m Thomas Jurden 1711 Brancepeth
d after 1718

Christopher Sidgsworth

bpt. 23 August 1683 Staindrop, Durham

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