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Thomas Sedgwick (born circa 1656)

Thomas Sedgwick [Ralph Sedgwick / Anne Unknown]
bpt. 26 February 1655/56 Staindrop, Durham
m Anne Unknown
d after 1719

Thomas was the executor of the will of Tobias Sedgwick and his surviving children are also given legacies.

The names and the order they were named in the will - assumedly by age - suggests that this is the Thomas Sedgwick of Easington - if so then Thomas remarried to a Mary and a second son called Cuthbert was baptised in 1696. I have shown the years of the Easington baptisms as a guide only until this can be proven one way or another.


Gabriell Sedgwick

bpt 11 January 1678 Staindrop, Durham
d before 1719

Cuthbert Sedgwick

bpt 17 May 1681 Staindrop, Durham
m Mary Raine 1724
d after 1719

Ralph Sedgwick

bpt 14 October 1684 Staindrop, Durham
d before 1719

Jane Sedgwick

b circa 1692 Durham
d after 1719

Margaret Sedgwick

b circa 1698 Durham
d after 1719

Mary Sedgwick

b circa 1703 Durham
d after 1719

Ann Sedgwick

b circa 1706 Durham
d after 1719

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b circa 1708 Durham
d after 1719

Hannah Sedgwick

b circa 1715 Durham
d after 1719

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