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Thomas Sedgwick of Cornforth (born circa 1852)

Thomas Sidgwick [Robert Sidgwick / Mary Tullock]
b circa 1852 Cornforth, Durham
m Sarah Bewick 1880 (BMD)
d after 1919

Thomas was a joiner like his father and worked in a colliery.

Further details received recently from a grandson of Thomas Sidgwick.


Mary Elizabeth Sidgwick

b 9 June 1880 Cornforth, Durham
d 1928

Robert Sidgwick

b 5 February 1883 Cornforth, Durham
m Harriet Cooper
d 1962

Margaret Jane Sidgwick

b circa 1886 Cornforth, Durham
m Thomas Stockell
d 1961

Thomas William Sidgwick

b September 1886 Cornforth, Durham (BMD)
m Gertrude Margaret Gregory
d after 1901

George Sidgwick

b 1 November 1889 Cornforth, Durham
m Jane Lyon Outhwaite
d 1962

George Sidgwick

b 1933 Durham
m Marie Fraino 1970
Living in New York

Minnie Sidgwick

b 15 May 1892 Cornforth, Durham
d 1910

Sarah Annie Sidgwick

b circa 1896 Cornforth, Durham
m Harold Webster
d 1985

Ethel Sidgwick

b circa 1898 Cornforth, Durham
m James Battye
d 1986

Edith Sidgwick

b circa 1901 Cornforth, Durham
m Benjamin Brown
d 1965

Source Notes:

1881 census - Thomas Sedgewick 29 Joiner, Sarah Sedgewick 22, Mary E Sedgewick 10m (Cornforth Lane, Cornforth - RG11 4902 45 18)

Descendants / Researchers:

Mike Sedgwick <mike.sedgwick18@gmail.com>

Mike is descended from Robert senior's brother Thomas.




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