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Michael Sedgwick (1737 - 1803)

Michael Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick]
bpt 6 March 1737
m. Anne Lambert 15 January 1760 Auckland
d. 21 October 1803 Chester le Street

More unproven theories here. I am assuming that Michael hailed from Chester le Street, lived in Auckland for a while and then went back to Chester le Street. The christian name is uncommon enough to feel relatively confident that I am right!!?

There are also possible marriages at Chester le Street for some of the children - Ann to Edward Stephenson 1789, Mary to John Kay 1798.


Margaret Sedgwick

bpt 18 May 1760 Auckland St Andrew, Durham

Michael Sedgwick

bpt 28 December 1764 Auckland St Helen
m. Mary Cook 5 September 1790
d. 2 December 1844 Usworth, Durham (BMD)

Anne Sedgwick

bpt 10 May 1767 Auckland St Andrew, Durham

Dorothy Sedgwick

bpt 24 December 1769 Auckland St Andrew, Durham

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt 28 March 1773 Auckland St Andrew, Durham

Mary Sedgwick

bpt 10 September 1775 Chester le Street, Durham

Descendants / Researchers:

Mike Sedgwick <mike.sedgwick18@gmail.com>

Mike is the 3rd great grandson of Michael Sedgwick senior




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