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UK Sedgwicks - Places - Durham
John Sedgwick of Cornforth (born circa 1849)

John Sedgwick [Robert Sedgwick / Mary Tullock]
b circa 1849 Cornforth, Durham
m Annie Eliza Young 1869 (BMD)
d after 1901

In 1891 John is described as a colliery engineer.


Robert Sedgwick

b circa 1870 Quarrington, Durham
m Thomasine Ellen Thwaites 1896 (BMD)
d after 1901

Henry Percival Sedgwick

b circa 1898 St Arvans, Durham
d after 1901

Reginald Sedgwick

b circa 1900 St Arvans, Durham
d after 1901

John George Sedgwick

b 1874 Broom, Durham
m Sarah Ellen Allison 1900 (BMD)
d after 1901

Beatrice Annie Sedgwick

b 1901 Durham
d after 1901

Margaret Alice Sedgwick

b circa 1878 Wingate, Durham
d after 1901

Elizabeth J Sedgwick

b circa 1882 Broom, Durham
d after 1901

Mary Isabel Sedgwick

b circa 1883 Broom, Durham
d after 1901

Norah Sedgwick

b circa 1886 Aldin Grange, Durham
d after 1901

Source Notes:

1881 census - John Sedgwick 32 Colliery Carpenter, Annie Eliz Sedgwick 30, Robert Sedgwick 11 Scholar, John George Sedgwick 6 Scholar, Margaret Alice Sedgwick 3 (Aldin Grange Terrace, Broom - RG11 4953 87 16)

Descendants / Researchers:

Mike Sedgwick <mike.sedgwick18@gmail.com>

Mike is descended from Robert senior's brother Thomas.




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