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Edward Sedgwick of Sunderland (1826-1871)

Edward Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick / Mary Unknown]
b circa 1826
m1 Isabella Scrubbs 1851 (BMD)
m2 Ann Aylward 1868 (BMD)
d 1871 (BMD)

Edward was an outdoor officer for HM Customs and lived in Sunderland. One assumes that his work was of a maritime nature - can anyone add more detail? In 1871 Edward's nephew Annie Scrubbs aged 16 is living with the family.

Joseph, a blacksmith, and his sister Isabella are living in Jarrow in 1891 and 1901 - both unmarried. Thomas Sedgwick is living in Jarrow with his uncle Thomas Wynn in 1871.


Joseph Brown Sedgwick

b 1851 Sunderland, Durham (BMD)
d after 1901

Thomas Sedgwick

b 1858 Sunderland, Durham (BMD)
d after 1871

Elizabeth Wynn Sedgwick

b 1860 Sunderland, Durham (BMD)
d 1865 (BMD)

Isabella Sedgwick

b circa 1863 Sunderland, Durham
d after 1901

Source Notes:

1881 census - Thomas Wynn 65 Foreman Rigger At Wks (Ship),........ Joseph B Sedgwick 29 Shipsmith At Wks (9 Grange Rd West, Hedworth Monkton and Jarrow - RG11 5024 50 44)

1881 census - Isabella Sedgwick 19 General Servant (10 Grange Ter, Bishopwearmouth - RG11 4994 37 68)

Descendants / Researchers:

Mike Sedgwick <mike.sedgwick18@gmail.com>

Mike is the 2nd great grandson of Thomas Sedgwick




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