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Henry Sedgwick (born circa 1864)

Henry Sedgwick [Allen Henry Sedgwick / Ellen Clara Baxter]
b circa 1864 Bermondsey
m1 Ellen McCarthy 1882 (BMD)
m2 Elizabeth Whitehead 1893 (BMD)
m3 Unknown
d 1944

This page has been updated following additional census research. Henry was previously confused with his Sheffield namesake.

Henry Edmund lived in Rotherhithe where he worked as a labourer for the South Metropolitan Gas Company. In 1891 and 1901 daughter Ellen is living with her Bulmer grandparents.

In 1881 Henry was a carman and is listed as Henry Bulmer after his stepfather.


Ellen Sedgwick

b 1883 Rotherhithe, London
d after 1901

Henry Sedgwick

b 28 February 1885 Rotherhithe, London (BMD)
m Eizabeth Ford 1907 (BMD)
d 1970

William John Sedgwick

b 1889 Rotherhithe, London
d circa 1945

Charles Sedgwick

b 30 November 1893 Rotherhithe, London
m Florence Ethel Mitchell 1916
d 26 December 1969

Leslie Charles Sedgwick
b 13 February 1921 Rotherhithe, London
d 4 April 1990 Farnborough

Olive Florence Sedgwick

b 18 March 1932 Rotherhithe, London
d May 2004

Dorothy Sedgwick

b circa 1895
d August 1984 Brighton, Sussex

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b circa 1897 Rotherhithe, London
d after 1901

Ernest Sedgwick

b circa 1901
d circa 1910

Edward George Sedgwick

b 1 January 1903
d circa 1978 Bolton, Lancashire




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