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Meriton Sedgwick of Brompton (1772-1813)

Meriton Sedgwick [Marmaduke Sedgwick / Ann Meriton]
bpt 16 February 1772 Brompton by Northallerton
m Elizabeth Burdon 1799
d 31 December 1815 Brompton by Northallerton, Yorkshire

No personal details have been found about Meriton.

In the letters of administration relating to the death of Henry Alderson Sedgwick, Marmaduke is referred to as a cousin of Henry rather than a brother. Marmaduke is again tentatively linked as a son of Meriton Sedgwick.


Marmaduke Sedgwick

b circa 1800
m1. Hannah Steele 1832
m2. Mary Anne Dixon 1843 (BMD)
d 1 March 1879 Northallerton, Yorkshire

Anna Maria Sidgwick

b. 7 March 1805 Darlington, Yorkshire
m James Ramsay 1842 (BMD)
d after 1841

John Sedgwick

b. circa 1805 Northallerton, Yorkshire
m Mary Todd 1827
d after 1836

Richard Meriton Sedgwick

b. circa 1808 Darlington, Yorkshire
m Jane Cockburn 1837 (BMD)
d 1883

William Henry Sedgwick

bpt. 3 February 1810 Brompton by Northallerton, Yorkshire
m1 Mary Ann Unknown
m2 Sarah Robinson 1859 (BMD)
d 1890

Alexander Sedgwick

bpt. 19 June 1811 Brompton by Northallerton, Yorkshire
d before 1835

Maryannabella Sedgwick

bpt. 23 April 1813 Brompton by Northallerton, Yorkshire
m James Murray 1834
d after 1835

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt. 26 November 1815 Brompton by Northallerton, Yorkshire
d after 1835

Source Notes:

1841 census - Marmaduke Sedgwick 40 Tanner, Elizabeth Sedgwick 8, Anna Maria Sedgwick 7, Marmaduke Sedgwick 5, Anna Maria Sedgwick 30 Northallerton - RG11 1233 13 11 14)

Descendants / Researchers:

John Sedgwick <sedgwick.j@hotmail.com>

John lives in Australia and is a descendant of Meriton and Elizabeth




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