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Joseph Sidgwick (born circa 1725)

Joseph Sidgwick [John Sidgwick / Dorothy Dixon]
b. circa 1725 Denton, Durham
m Mary Wright
d after 1770

According to his father's will and the documents associated with it, Joseph was a yeoman of Colburn (sic), Catterick and he inherited a messuage house and garth situated in Blackwell, Durham. The 1768 will mentions 5 children in the order shown below.


John Sedgwick

bpt. 20 April 1754 Denton, Durham
bd 2 May 1758

Richard Sedgwick

b. circa 1757
m Elizabeth Theakstone 1789
d after 1841

Mary Sedgwick

bpt. 31 March 1794 Leyburn, Yorkshire
m Charles Rickaby 1830
d after 1841

John Sedgwick

bpt. 7 February 1759 Brough Hall Catholic, Catterick, Yorkshire
d 1759

Dorothy Sedgwick

bpt. 20 December 1760 Brough Hall Catholic, Catterick, Yorkshire
m Joseph Cockfield

Thomas Sedgwick

bpt. 21 September 1762 Brough Hall Catholic, Catterick, Yorkshire
m Unknown

George Sedgwick

b. circa 1765 Yorkshire
m Maria Ducket

Mary Sedgwick

b. circa 1767 Yorkshire
perhaps m Andrew Bell

Rebecca Sedgwick

bpt. 10 November 1771 Brough Hall Catholic, Catterick, Yorkshire
m James Bell

Joseph Sedgwick

b. circa 1774 Yorkshire
d 1830

John Sedgwick

b circa 1775 Colburn, Yorkshire
m Mary Bell 1810
d 1855

Source Notes:

2 May 1759 Non conformist baptism - sponsor Nicholas Sedgwick - The Genealogist

22 December 1760 Non conformist baptism - sponsors John and Dorothy Sedgwick - The Genealogist

21 September 1762 Non conformist baptism - sponsors Rob Meynell and Mary Brentman - The Genealogist

10 November 1771 Non conformist baptism - sponsors Thomas Foss and Mary Bowren - The Genealogist

1841 census - Charles Ricaby 40 Farmer, Mary Ricaby 40, Richard Sedgwick 86 (Sober Hill, Appleton - HO107 1250 10 3 3)




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