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John Sidgwick of Denton (born circa 1650)

John Sidgwick [Unknown Sidgwick]
b. circa 1650
m Elizabeth Unknown
m Maria Seton 1696
d possibly 1746

Nothing is known of John yet. The eldest child shown here is assumed to be Johns son although he could be the son of his 'brother' Ralph.

This family has been updateed with information provided by Joan Mavrovich who has found that John's first wife was buried in 1695 .


Ralph Sidgwick

b. circa 1671
m Isabell Bell 1696 Denton
d probably 1715

John Sidgwick

b. 2 October 1672 Denton, Durham

Elizabeth Sidgwick

bpt. 7 November 1673 Denton, Durham

Thomas Sidgwick

bpt. 7 January 1677 Denton, Durham
m Margareta Darnton 1703
d 7 October 1724

William Sidgwick

bpt. 18 December 1679 Denton, Durham
d 22 December 1679

John Sidgwick

bpt. 21 March 1680/81 Denton, Durham
m2 Marjoria Robinson 1700
d probably 1758

Maria Sidgwick

bpt. 28 August 1681 Denton, Durham
d 7 January 1695

Ann Sedgwick

bpt. 20 May 1684 Denton, Durham

Anne Sidgwick

bpt. 20 May 1684 Denton, Durham

Jane Sedgwick

bpt. 25 January 1691 Denton, Durham

Ann Sedgwick

bpt. 6 March 1700 Denton, Durham
d 7 March 1700




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