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William Sedgwick of Chesham (born circa 1705)

William Sedgwick [Moses Sedgwick / Hannah Ward]
b circa 1705
m Mary Unknown
bd 19 May 1750

William is referred to as 'of Botley' in many sources. In 1749 William is named in a document as a husbandman of Botley being the only surviving son and heir of Moses Sedgwick, deceased, chainmaker and Hannah Sedgwick also deceased. Hannah was the niece of James Field, weaver, of Chesham.

No profession is given on other records although his burial was paid for by the Master of the Workhouse.


William Sedgwick

bpt 10 December 1738
m Ann Pollycat 1760
bd 28 March 1763

Mary Sedgwick

b circa 1741
bpt 8 February 1757 aged 16

Female Sedgwick

b circa 1743
bd 1 October 1743

Male Sedgwick

b circa 1745
bd 26 May 1745

Male Sedgwick

b circa 1747
bd 11 June 1747

Hannah Sedgwick

b circa 1748
m Joseph Humphrey 1771
bpt 29 September 1757 aged 9

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b circa 1750
m Richard Sparrack 1771
bpt 29 September 1757 aged 7




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