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William Sedgwicke (abt 1579 - 1632)

St. Mary's Church, Woburn, Bedfordshire, England

William Sedgwicke [Unknown Sedgwick]
b. abt 1579
m. Elizabeth Howe 10 April 1604 St Mary's, Woburn
bu June 25 1632, Woburn, Bedfordshire St Mary's Church

William Sedgwick is described variously as being of Woburn, London or York. He has also been assumed to have been a member of the Guild of brewers however one unchecked source could challenge that;

Marriage license issued by the Bishop of London:. Robert Houghton of St. Olave's, Southwark, citizen and fishmonger of London, bachelor, aged 23, and Mary Sedgwick of St. Bridget als St. Brides, Fleet Street, maiden, aged 22, at the disposing of William Sedgwick of the said parish, haberdasher, who consents; at St. Brides.

William was church warden of St Mary's, Woburn. Most of the children were baptized there but a recent discovery has proved that he had other children baptised elsewhere - mainly in London.

The new information has been found in the Court of Orphans for 1634 which relates to William Sedgwicke citizen and brewer (ref CLA/002/04/335) and his 'orphaned' children - Stephen, Francis, Martha, Nathaniel, Sarah and Rebecca - search at a2a.


Mary Sedgwick

bpt 1 April 1607 Woburn, Bedfordshire
m. Robert Houghton of St. Olaves, Southwark, Surrey 1629 [will details]
d After 1653

William Sedgwick  minister known as "Doomesday Sedgwick"

bpt 17 August 1609 Woburn, Bedfordshire
m1 Ann James (nee Robinson) 1635
m2 Mary Harrewyn (nee Van Soldt)
d. 1663 (date will proved)

John Sedgwicke  brewer

bpt 5 June 1611 Woburn, Bedfordshire
m Martha Wilkes circa 1638
d. 1638 [will details]

Robert Sedgwick

bpt 6 May 1613 Woburn, Bedfordshire
m. Joanna Blake 6 January 1635/36, Andover, Hampshire
d. 1656, Jamaica, West Indies

Thomas Sedgwicke

bpt 16 September 1615 Woburn, Bedfordshire
bu 11 April 1618, Woburn, Bedfordshire

Rebecca Sedgwicke

bpt 6 September 1617 Woburn, Bedfordshire
bu 27 June 1618, Woburn, Bedfordshire

Stephen Sedgwicke

bpt 23 June 1619 Woburn, Bedfordshire
m Elizabeth Breedon 13 July 1641
d Between 1665 and 1674

Francis Sedgwicke

bpt 4 June 1621 Woburn, Bedfordshire
m Martha Triplet 12 February 1644/5
d December 1655

Thomas Sedgwicke

bpt 22 July 1623 Woburn, Bedfordshire
d before 1634

Hanna Sedgwick
bpt 25 December 1624 St Bride's, Fleet Street, London
died before 1634

Martha Sedgwick

bpt 17 March 1625/6 St Bride's, Fleet Street, London
d after 1634

Elizabeth Sedgwicke

bpt 30 August 1627 Woburn, Bedfordshire
d before 1634

Nathaniel Sedgwick

bpt 25 March 1629 St Bride Fleet Street, London
m Unknown circa 1646
d after 1652

Sarah Sedgwicke

b. abt 1631, England
m. John Leverett (later Governor of Massachusetts) 9 September 1647, Lewisham, Kent
d. January 2, 1705, Boston, Massacusetts, New England

Rebecca Sedgwicke

b. abt 1632, England
m. William Barrett 1651

Descendants / Researchers:

Dennis Sedgwick <densedg@sedgwick.org>




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