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Stephen Sedgwick (1619 - 1665)

Stephen Sedgwick [William Sedgwick / Elizabeth Howe]
bpt. 23 June 1619 Woburn, Bedfordshire
m Elizabeth Breedon 13 July 1641
d between 1665 and 1674

Elizabeth Breedon  [Zacheus Breedon / Margery Burges]
b. circa 1617
d after 1662

A lot of information about Stephen's life is available both in wills and in other documents. In 1643 the journal of the House of Lords refers to the sequestration of lands from Sir Thomas Dawes and family. Two of the gentlemen empowered to undertake this are Stephen Sedgwick and Robert Haughton. In 1647 an ordinance was read in the House of Lords and agreed making Stephen the Minister of Tingewick in Buckinghamshire. In 1653 and 1657 he is still at Tingewick where he is described as an intruding minister - in 1653 he approved the appointment of a parish registrar and is described as Minister. In 1661 he is described as 'gentleman of Richmond, Surrey' when his son Zacheus is apprenticed.

In addition to these references, it is probable that Stephen is also the individual described as 'clerk of Brightwalton' and 'of Ipswich, Suffolk' in apprenticeship records of Francis and Stephen Sedgwick. He could also be the Stephen Sedgwick buried at Freston, Suffolk in 1672.


Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt 5 June 1642 Woburn, Bedfordshire
d before 1680

John Sedgwick

bpt circa 1643
d 1680 London [will details]

Robert Sedgwick

bpt 1645/6
m Anne (Adams 1681?)
d after 1711

Zacheus Sedgwick

bpt 21 March 1646 Tingewick, Bucks
d 1695 Pangbourne, Berkshire [will details]

William Sedgwick

bpt 1649 Tingewick, Bucks
d before 1680

Stephen Sedgwick

bpt 23 January 1650 Tingewick, Bucks
m Rebecca Barnard 1675
d probably 8 July 1729

Martha Sedgwick

bp 14 May 1656 Tingewick, Bucks
m Lawrence Stevenson 22 November 1674

Francis Sedgwick

b circa 1657 Tingewick, Bucks
m Hester (Steade) 1681
d After 1695




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