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Samuel Sedgwick (abt 1701 - 1772)

Samuel Sedgwick  [Samuel Sedgwick / Elizabeth Harrison]
b 28 June 1701 St Lawrence Jewry, London
m probably Ann Page 1725
d. probably 1772 [will details]

Samuel was apprenticed to a Richard Ryder of the Skinners Company in 1717 and was made a Freeman in 1725. He was described as a linen draper aged 24 of St Mary le Bow when he married in 1725.

A Samuel Sedgwick, skinner, left a will made in 1755 but proven in 1772 which mentioned his daughter Marion and his son Thomas. Daughter in this case probably means daughter in law as it is unlikely that his daughter and daughter in law were both called Marian.

Ann Page's brother Thomas Page's will dated 1762 mentions his nephews Thomas and Samuel Sedgwick - the latter having already died.

Thomas Sedgwick was described as a linen draper at the time of his marriage. He left a will which mentioned various members of his family including Page first cousins. It also mentions several members of the Lidgould family.


Samuel Sedgwick

b. circa 1730
m Unknown
d before 1755

Thomas Sedgwick

b circa 1730
m Marian Lidgould 1749 [will details]
d 1787 Harmondsworth, Middlesex [will details]

Source Notes:

WILL - Samuel Sedgwick proved 1772

WILL - Thomas Sedgwick proved 1787

WILL - Marian Sedgwick proved 1810

WILL - Thomas Page proved 1781




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