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Samuel Sedgwick (abt 1670 - 1741)

Samuel Sedgwick  [Samuel Sedgwick / Elizabeth Harwood]
b. abt 1670
m. abt 1694, Elizabeth Unknown (Harrison?)
bu 21 August 1741 St Lawrence Jewry & St Mary Magdalen Milk Street, London, Middlesex

Samuel was apprenticed into the Painters Company;

Samuel Sedgwick: son of Samuel, Stepney, Middlesex, clothworker, apprenticed to Henry Emmett, 6 July 1687

Samuel describes himself in his will as 'milliner of Cheapside, London' and he refers to property held in the counties of Hertford, Suffolk and London. The shop in Cheapside is left to his son John Sedgwick and he also refers also to a partnership between himself, his sons Robert and John Sedgwick and John Stone deceased (John Stone's will proved in 1738).

The wills of Samuel and Elizabeth refer to their three sons and reference to the lists of Apprentices show that at least two of the sons were members of the Painters Company;

Sedgwick Robert, son of Samuel, to his father, 3 Nov 1714, Painters' Company
Sam. Sedgwick son of Sam. was apprenticed to Ric. Rider of The Skinners Company 1717
Sedgwick John, son of Samuel, to his father, 6 Nov 1723, Painters' Company

The will of this Robert Sedgwick shows that he was the Sedgwick in the Company of Sedgwick, Kilby and Barnard of Watling Street which in 1744 is mentioned in Osborn's guide. After Robert's death, his widow Rebecca married his partner Christopher Kilby who had strong connections with North America. For a little more background information on the Company look here: http://www.danbyrnes.com.au/blackheath/thebc8.htm.


Samuel Sedgwick

bpt 23 January 1695 Aldermanbury, London
bu 9 August 1696 St Lawrence Jewry, London

John Sedgwick

b. abt 1697 London
bu 2 September 1697 St Lawrence Jewry, London

Robert Sedgwick

bpt 2 November 1698 St Lawrence Jewry, London
m. Rebecca Neave 1725 Westminster
d. 1742 London

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b circa 1730

Richard Sedgwick

bpt 25 February 1732 Old Jewry, London

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt 2 July 1699 St Lawrence Jewry, London
d. August 1700 St Lawrence Jewry, London
bu 7 August 1700 St Lawrence Jewry, London

Samuel Sedgwick

bpt 28 June 1701 St Lawrence Jewry, London
m perhaps Ann Page 1725
d. probably 1772

John Sedgwick
bpt 24 September 1704 St Lawrence Jewry, London
d. aft 1745




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