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James Sedgwick 1780

:James Sedgwick 1780

I, James Sedgwick of Horton in Ribblesdale in the County of York, Clerk, ….. my last Will and Testament ….. as follows. Firstly … to my wife Ann ….. Three hundred pounds, …. the sum of two hundred and sixty pounds secured to me by a mortgage from Thomas Cragg and Isabel his wife upon their joint estate at Cam be a part of the said three hundred pounds, ….. she shall succeed me as sole tenant to the said estate of Thomas and Isabel Cragg at Cam aforesaid. I … give her my said wife all my household furniture and provisions …, except one silver pint which I give to my brother Thomas Sedgwick.. give to my sister Alice Sedgwick widow and to her three children William Sedgwick Clerk, John Sedgwick and Ann Sedgwick the sum of three hundred pounds equally amongst them …. . I also give to my nephews James and Edward Capstack children of my sister Jane Capstack late of Craggs in Dent deceased the sum of two hundred pounds to be equally divided between them….. I also give to Christopher Greenwood son of my late niece Jane Greenwood of Leaces (being a minor) the sum of one hundred pounds … when he shall attain the age of twenty one years, but I will that his father Thomas Greenwood of Leaces be paid the sum of four pounds yearly …. towards his son’s maintenance and education during his said son’s minority …. But if the said minor Christopher Greenwood shall die before be shall attain the age of twenty one years, then … the said Hundred Pounds shall be equally divided amongst my two nephews James and Edward Capstack aforesaid and James Capstack husband of my late sister Jane and Thomas Greenwood husband of my late niece Jane ….. As to my messuages, lands and tithes at Cam in the parish of Horton in Ribblesdale being part of the manor of Newby I give them all and singular … equally betwixt my brother Thomas Sedgwick and his son Richard Sedgwick Clerk Curate and Dent …. and also charged and chargeable with the payment of the annual sum of five pounds to my said wife Ann at two equal payments namely Martinmas and Mayday so long as she shall remain my widow …. Also I give to my said nephew Richard Sedgwick … one share in the long canal leading from Leeds to Liverpool …. My black gown and cassock I give to my nephew Richard Sedgwick and my manuscript summons and books I give equally between my two nephews William and Richard Sedgwick clerks except such books as my wife shall choose …. I give to my two godsons William son of Richard Clapham of Feizer and Mathew son of John Sedgwick of Dent each a guinea. My wearing apparel of the better sort I give to my nephew John Sedgwick of Littletown, the worst sort .. amongst … the most needful in the township where I die. Lastly I hereby nominate …. my said wife Ann and my nephew Richard Sedgwick joint executors of my last Will and testament.

In witness ..this 24 th day of February …. one thousand seven hundred and seventy six.

Sealed etc

Thomas Wetherhead

Thomas Heselden

William Lund




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