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William Sedgwick 1700

William Sedgwick (PROB 11/458)

Merchant of London

Will proved 28 December 1700


Eldest son William - Executor. I confirm settlement made by my late wife of lands in Wilmington, Kent to him. Also lands in Melbourn or Meldreth in the county of Cambridge. The balance of the estate after bequests.

Son James - lands in the parish of Kentisbeare bequethed to me by my brother Nathaniel James. Also all the estate that he carried with him when he went to China and all the profits thereof. Also I give unto my son, if he lives at my decease, all the cursiters plate in the possesion of Alexander Pitfield.

If James is dead the cursiters plate to be sold by my executor and the proceeds divided between my four children Robert, Mary, Elizabeth Susanna and Nathaniel.

Son Robert - one hundred and eighty six pounds which he stands debtor for in my ledger and also nineteen hundred and sixteen pounds when he reaches twenty one years.

Daughter Mary - two thousand pounds when she is twenty one or when she marries.

Daughter Elizabeth Susannah - eighteen hundred pounds when she is twenty one or when she marries.

Son Nathaniel - fifteen hundred pounds when he is twenty one

Wife Susannah - one thousand pounds, my diamond ring, my japan cabinet, my dressing plate and my silver pitting pot which she has promised shall not go out of my family. Also forty pounds to give to charity.

Grandson William Du Bois - firty pounds. Also to son and daughter Du Bois and their children fifty pounds for mourning.

Son John Short (and 5 Sedgwick children) - ten pounds for mourning.

My china to be divided between my wife and my two daughters.

Mention of son John deceased

A witness to the will was Rebecca Barrett




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