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William Sedgwick 1664

:William Sedgwick (PROB 11/313)

Will proved 26 February 1664

Transcript (from Genealogical Gleanings)

To son in law Nicholas Ashton and his wife, my daughter, two parcels of land in Great Sampford and Little Sampford, Essex. To daughters Susan and Mary Sedgwicke. To son in law Timotheus Van Vleteren three hundred pounds, which with three hundred pounds already paid makes in all six hundred pounds his full share and more of that money which fell to me by the death of Mr. James Harewin. To son in law Nath: James. To my nephew Zach. Sedgwicke one hundred pounds, to be paid him within one month after my brother Sedgwicke, his father, shall have paid the hundred and fifty pounds that I stand bound for him, with the interest. To my nephew William Barrett one hundred pounds to be paid to his father for his use &c. To my sister Mary Houghton. To my son Francis Commins. To my friend Robert Bacon. To my faithful servant Robert Boult. To my loving friend Joshua Sprigge one hundred pounds to be disposed to charitable uses &c. William Sedgwicke my only son and heir and sole executor. He to consult with his loving brothers Nath: James, Nich: Ashton and Timotheus Van Vletern.




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