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Stephen Sedgwick 1649

:Stephen Sedgwicke (PROB 11/210)

Brewer of Saint Bride, City of London

Will proved 15 December 1649

Transcript (from Genealogical Gleanings)

One third to wife Catherine and one third to children now living viz. Job, Sara, Susanna, Rebecca, Abigail and Joshua Sedgwick at their several ages of twenty and one years or days of marriage. The other third in special legacies. To the poor of the parish of Engleton where I was born and had my first breath, the poor of Horton, the poor of St. Bride's &c. To my uncle Thomas Checheley of St. Ives [Huntingdon]. To Arthur Browne of the same town. To my cousin Jane Prichard in Moore Lane. To my brother William Sedgwick's children living at my decease. To my brother Thomas Browne's children and his wife. To my brother Norton and his wife. To my cousin William Sedgwick and John Sedgwick and cousin Robert Houghton. To my aunt Anne Rundall. To my cousin Elizabeth Browne the daughter of my sister Elizabeth Norton. And I do forgive all such debts and sums of money as are due and owing unto me by any of my cousins Sedgwickes in Yorkshire. The rest and residue to loving wife Catherine Sedgwick, whom I make and ordain to be my full and sole executrix &c. My loving brother Mr. Thomas Browne, my loving brother Mr. Henry Norton and my said loving cousin Mr. Robert Houghton to be my overseers &c.. On the 15th day of December, A.D. 1649, issued forth a commission to Job Sedgeswick, natural and lawful son and principal legatee of Stephen Sedgeswick, late of the parish of St. Bridget alias Bride's, Fleet Street, London, deceased, to administer the goods, &c., according to the tenor of the will, for the reason that Catherine Sedgeswick, wife and executrix of the testator, before his death, hath also departed this life.




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