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Robert Houghton 1653

:Robert Houghton (PROB 11/240)

Will proved 7 January 1653

Transcript (from Genealogical Gleanings)

To wife Mary Houghton six hundred pounds in money and all my plate and household stuff whatsoever; also my house and land at Lewsham [Lewisham, Kent] which I purchased of Thomas Hill, gentleman, deceased (and other real estate). To our daughter Martha four hundred pounds, to be paid her at her day of marriage or age of twenty-one years, and to daughters Sarah and Hannah (the same sum on similar conditions). To John Planner the younger, son of John Planner, citizen and girdler of London, and of my daughter Mary Planner the sum of fifty pounds witnin seven years after my decease.. Item I will and bequeath unto my dearely loveinge and pious sister Mary Norton wife of Francis Norton of Charles towne in New England the some of twenty poundes to be paied to her within two years after my decease. I will and appoint that the five hundred pounds due unto my son in law John Willcox who lately married my daughter Elizabeth Houghton to be paid unto him within the compass of two years as the remainder of the portion which I agreed to give him with my said daughter. To my son in law John Planner five pounds to buy him a ring and to my daughter Mary Planer ten pounds (similar sums to son and daughter Willcox).. Item I allsoe give and bequeath unto my very loueinge brother Mr. William Sedgwicke five pounds to buy him a ringe. Allsoe to my loueinge brother Francis Sedgwicke five pounds to buy him a ringe. To three clerks, William Piggott, John Nobes and Robert Maisters and Lawrence West fifty shilling apiece and also to widow West the sum of twenty shillings. All the residue to wife Mary Houghton whom I appoint sole executrix. And I desire my brothers Mr. William and Mr. Francis Sedgwicke to be overseers.




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