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Rebecca Thorne 1660

:Rebecca Thorne (PROB 11/302)

of Hornsey, Middlesex

Will proved 20 November 1660

Transcript (from Genealogical Gleanings)

To my sister Blackwell my diamond ring that was my mother's. To my sister
Clarke the little cabinet of mother of pearl that was my mother's. To my son
John Thorne my silver watch. To my daughter Sarah Thorne my diamond ring with
one stone. To my brother Job Sedgwicke and wife and brother Joshua Sedgwicke
twenty shillings apiece to buy each of them a ring. To Mary Noble the forty
shillings that she oweth me, and a small ring that I had at my Aunt Randall's
funeral. To my cousin Moore the satin petticoat that was my mother's. To my
cousin Elizabeth Ash the ring that I had at cousin William Sedgwicke's wife
funeral. My sister Blackwell to be sole executrix, desiring her to take upon
her the care and charge of my son Robert Thorne.




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