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John Sidgwick of Darlington 1785

:John Sedgwick 1785

The Will has been summarised by Joan Mavrovic:

This is the last will and testament of John Sidgwick of Darlington, County Durham.

In it he makes bequests to;

William, Ralph, George and Elizabeth Hodgson, all children of his sister Elizabeth 15 pounds each.

Joseph, William, Jane and Eleanor Willis, all children of his sister Jane he gives 15 pounds each.

The children of his brother William (nieces Elizabeth Arrowsmith and Jane Sidgwick) he leaves 15 pounds each.

His friend Rebecca Booth widow, he leaves all his personal apparel, clothes, woolens, linens and enough money to bury him.

The Clubb Box Society??? At the house of James Troulishn? (of which he is a member), he leaves a sum of ??

His nephew William Sidgwick, executor of his estate received all that remains after the above dispersements.

Upon the probate of the Will, William Sidgwick writes a letter which is attached, stating that the total worth of the will was about 280 pounds..dated Aug. 5, 1785, Darlington.

Signed and witnessed in the hand of Fred Terry and Robt. Maugham




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