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William Sedgwick (born circa 1834)

William Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick / Mary Lonsdale]
b circa 1834 Bedale, Yorkshire
m Elizabeth Margaret Harding 1860 (#249)
d 11 March 1909 (#805)

Wiliam arrived with his father Thomas Sedgwick and family at Launceston, Tasmania, 4 April 1843 aboard the Barque "Branken Moor" from London (Plymouth) via Cork. Thomas was an indentured farm servant.


Mary Ann Sedgwick

b circa 1857 Victoria, Australia

Thomas Sedgwick

b circa 1859 Victoria, Australia
d 1859

William Thomas Sedgwick

b circa 1860 Victoria, Australia
m Mary Ann Patmore 1888
d 1940

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b circa 1863 Victoria, Australia

James Sedgwick

b circa 1865 Victoria, Australia

Martha Sedgwick

b circa 1867 Victoria, Australia

Sarah Amelia Sedgwick

b circa 1869 Victoria, Australia
d 1871

Arthur Sedgwick

b circa 1872 Victoria, Australia
probably m Edith Mitchell 1900
d 1941

Edward Albert Sedgwick

b circa 1875 Victoria, Australia
m Mary Ann Ellen Ardley 1896
d after 1896

Sarah Ann Sedgwick

b circa 1876 Victoria, Australia
m James Arthur Ardley 1898
d 1911

Caroline Sedgwick

b circa 1879 Victoria, Australia
m Freeland Samuel Ardley 1900
m2 William Hill Harrison 1910
d 1956

Alfred Henry Sedgwick

b circa 1882 Victoria, Australia
m Ada Adams 1903
d 1946

Source Notes:

Victoria Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths




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