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George Sedgwick obituary

The Portland Guardian 19th February 1899, page 3

Shocking Fatal Accident

A shocking fatal accident, and one which cast quite a gloom over the town when it became known, took place here yesterday morning. About 11 o'clock information reached us that one of our oldest and best known residents in the person of Mr. George Sedgwick, carpenter and builder, of Percy Street, had met with such severe injuries that had caused his death. Steps were at once taken to ascertain whether there was any truth in the report, and unfortunately it was found to be only too true, but so quickly had the information been conveyed to us that our representative almost reached the scene of the accident before confirmation could be obtained that the news was true. Like many other accidents, how the mishap occurred is not actually known, and can only be arrived at by the surroundings of the case. In this instance the facts are as under:-

Mr Sedgwick was of an ingenious turn of mind, and had the happy gift of being able to carry out his ideas, and his ingenuity had led him to turn to profitable account a gas engine. This engine he used for several purposes at his workshop situate in the yard at the rear of his private residence.

Quite recently he had put down a bore, and had been fortunate in striking lovely water. With the object of bringing this into general use, the engine before alluded to was brought into requisition and for this purpose he had erected the necessary apparatus for pumping.

Now from what we hear, Mr Sedgwick must have been engaged in his workshop perfecting his plant when a peculiarly strange dull thumping sound was heard by Mrs J Sedgwick who remarked concerning this noise that there must be something wrong in the workshop and Mrs Sedgwick senior proceeded to the place to see for herself.

On entering the shop she was horrified to see her husband suspended and being twisted round by the machinery. She at once raised the alarm and assistance was promptly at hand. Mr Sedgwick was quickly extracted from his awful position, but it only required the briefest of glances to know that he had been so terribly knocked about that if death had not actually taken place, that at least there was no possible chance of life being preserved.

The deceased who was in his 68th year, has been a resident of this town for a very lengthy period. As a citizen he was quiet inoffensive, sober and industrious, and has carried out many building contracts in this town and district.

George Sedgwick at his Percy Street workshop




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